Festival Tickets


For the very first time Campinaterrein will open its doors together with Patroon on the 17th of July 2021. We are incredibly proud to host our outdoor festival at the undiscoved and raw corners of this monumental terrain. Come rave with us in the sun and experience love, dance music and art.

Join our journey, together with:

Nuno Dos Santos

Lucky Done Gone

Patroon Collabs


COVID policy

We are so incredibly happy that we are one of the first ones to host an event this summer!

In order to dance together on our dance floor safely all guests will be asked to show a valid entry QR-code in the CoranaCheck-app. This valid code can either be arranged by a) being tested 40 hours in advance by www.testenvoortoegang.nl (reservations can be made 14 days in advance of the event), b) being fully vaccinated and registered in the CoronaCheck-app or c) prove of recently being recovered from the virus which also has to be registered in the CoronaCheck-app. 

All guests will be required to show a valid QR-code in the CoronaCheck-app, together with the regular festival entry ticket, upon entry of our event.